Having fifteen years of experience in Iran’s market, we have proved our capability to provide full-service marketing research in Iran. By providing services including research services, quantitative methods, qualitative methods, and consultancy services, our clients have been able to be one step ahead of their competitors. Read more about us...

Rahbar Bazaar was established in 2003 and began its activities to provide full-service marketing research in Iran and also consultancy services to firms. The company is an official member of ESOMAR since 2008 and in 2016, Rahbar Bazaar was affiliated to Kantar, the second international research marketing company, for two years in Iran. Read our history...


Can your business do without marketing research? Don’t you feel the absence of marketing research in your business enterprise? The (traditionally defined) market research growing +3.7% in 2016 (according to Global Market Research 2017, an ESOMAR industry report) indicates that businesses cannot win their competitors and satisfy consumers without marketing research; this is true for not only established businesses but also your startups. We, as a provider of full-service marketing research in Iran accompany you from deep examination to offering solutions.

Is Knowledge a better treasure than Money? Or is Knowledge a treasure itself in this era? But is it possible for all companies to achieve this treasure in all fields on their own? In addition to collected data from marketing research, insights resulted from knowledge and years of experience guide businesses from research results to the best decisions. Our consultancy services are the best supplement to your marketing research in Iran. In order to get the most out of your research results and reports, and also marketing research in Iran, consult with us.

Sometimes academic people are blamed for not having adequate practical experience and people working in traditional markets are known to lack academic knowledge. In traditional markets such as Iran’s, there is a necessity to transfer the up-to-date knowledge, accompanied by a flavor of experience, to academic people and people working in traditional markets. We have always attempted to richen marketing research in iran and become knowledge-based. We are honored that today we can transfer the knowledge from marketing research companies to Iran.

Insight of Marketing Research in Iran

Know consumers and care about their demands and needs, and also be familiar with marketing research in Iran! Marketing research is necessary for your business to survive. Make provisions for your business journey. By gaining insights in market, consumers and also marketing research in Iran, get ready for the battle with market fluctuations and have plans to satisfy the consumers of your products and services. Read the articles and statistics we present.

Rahbar Bazaar Statistics

The statistics are a brief statistical information that Rahbar Bazaar marketing research company in Iran has gained in periodic brand health tracking research of products consumed by Iranian families in large cities. Now, to transfer these valuable insights to our clients and audiences, we are going to share some of these statistics every week on our website and our social networks. Accompany us. Read more...

practical retail audit steps to obtain valuable market insight

In this article, written by Ehsan Attar, the quantitative account executive at Rahbar Bazaar marketing research company in Iran, you will read a practical article about the retail audit steps which leads you to gain valuable market insight. | Rahbar Bazaar Blog Read this article...

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