Learning & Training

In addition to acquiring education in marketing research from Kantar and other leading companies’ experts, Rahbar Bazaar's staff always have the opportunity to learn while working. In view of our intention to extend practical and scientific approach to market studies and marketing research in Iran, the company is honored to collaborate with universities. One of these collaborations is the agreement between the company and Tarbiat Modares University. The following is a part of our plan in the future:

  • Collaboration and cooperation in developing applications of statistics in marketing and social studies;
  • Providing educational programs, holding seminars and practical & educational workshops for students and also for the research institute’s personnel;
  • Collaboration in running non-degree educational courses for qualified applicants;
  • Collaboration in running research projects;
  • Preparing scientific and practical papers regarding the agreement’s goals and the mission of both parties, and publishing them in the press for related communities;
  • Using facilities and capacities of both parties to develop and promote plans and intentions mentioned in the related clauses of the agreement.




Learning & Training
Learning & Training