Knowledge Sources

Access to Kantar Knowledge Network

With over 15 years of experience in providing marketing research services to well-reputed national and international companies, Rahbar Bazaar has conducted many projects. The studies done by our colleagues in Rahbar Bazaar has led to results which is one of the rich sources of information in Rahbar Bazaar. Moreover, due to interactions with Kantar, our accessibility to valuable resources and Kantar professionals’ experiences is provided as below mentioned:

- Access to Kantar Intranet

Senior researchers in Rahbar Bazaar can access to the knowledge for conducting several projects, essays, contexts, and all Kantar scientific assets through Kantar internal virtual network. Our colleagues can easily search, read, and learn on the Intranet of Kantar, or if necessary, contact specific people in the related field.

- Access to Kantar Specialists in Different Areas and Different Places in the World

In Kantar internal network which is accessible to Rahbar Bazaar team, specialists in all areas of marketing research are introduced and after selecting the required person, Rahbar Bazaar staff can call or Email him/her. As agreed before, they will have the most effective cooperation in explaining and teaching the issues to Rahbar Bazaar staff.

Managing the internal knowledge in Rahbar Bazaar

- Database of Records and Reports of the Previous Experiences

After 15 years of performance through conducting over 500 projects, providing services to more than 200 clients, over 1 million interviews and with all these records and communications with clients in different industries, Rahbar Bazaar has provided the team with a rich collection of information, knowledge, and analyses of different markets and products; Rahbar Bazaar researchers can easily search it in Rahbar Bazaar internal network and use it efficiently in their current projects.

- Database of Respondents/Clients and Different Target Groups

Over 1 million interviews with respondents that were conducted by Rahbar Bazaar interviewers during 15 years in all cities of Iran (cities and villages), a rich database of respondents and target groups is provided which can be used in the current projects simply by searching in it. Utilizing this results in higher quality of work and also time efficiency that will be available to our current clients.