Advertising Research

A considerable part of budgets of businesses are dedicated to the costs of their advertising; therefore, marketing managers tend to face such questions:

Considering the audience, is your advertising campaign/plan optimized? Or can it be better-planed? How effective is your advertising campaign/plan? What are advertising strategies of your competitors in the target market?

Due to close cooperation between Millwardbrown and Rahbar Bazaar, and the company's capability of providing specific and unique Kantar’s services, you can evaluate your advertising plans or campaigns from your audience's viewpoint before bearing huge expenses, so you can ascertain that these expenses are returnable. Link™ is one of the most well-known services of this kind.

The company's clients of advertising research:

  • Kalleh: an Iranian dairy, food and drink company
  • Henkel: a German chemical and consumer goods company
  • LG: a South Korean multinational electronics company
  • Digikala: a retail online shopping, the largest e-commerce startup in Iran
  • Unilever: a British-Dutch transnational consumer goods company
  • Hayat Kimya: a Turkish FMCG company

Advertising Research