Learning & Training

Cooperation with Scientific Centers

- Tarbiat Modares University

To be dynamic in localization, learning and training of new concepts, the statistics department of Rahbar Bazaar marketing research company decided to communicate with universities. Hence, it proceeded to cooperate with some well-known universities and contacted their statistics department. Although there were contacts made with some universities, finally Rahbar Bazaar came to signing an agreement with Tarbiat Modares University’s statistics department in 2017. Tarbiat Modares University’s agreement with Rahbar Bazaar company is as follows:

  • Collaboration and cooperation in developing the functions of statistics in marketing and social studies;
  • Providing educational programs and holding practical seminars and workshops for university students and also for the research institute’s personnel;
  • Cooperation in running free training courses for qualified volunteers;
  • Cooperation in running research projects;
  • Provision of practical scientific papers consistent with goals and the mission of both parties, and publishing them in related publications or communities;
  • Using mutual facilities and capacities to develop and promote the mentioned plans and intentions in the related articles of the agreement.

Rahbar Bazaar is negotiating with many other universities, whose name will be announced after getting the desired outcome and signing the agreement.


Kantar Trainings

Rahbar Bazaar’s major staff along with their managers have participated in several training courses that were held by Kantar professionals. These courses have taken place abroad and sometimes in the interior.

- Kantar TNS Training

As you know, Kantar TNS owns some registered methodologies that only its staff can use them for their clients. The mentioned opportunity was also provided for Rahbar Bazaar team to present this type of services and techniques to the national Iranian customers through learning Kantar TNS exclusive training. You can see some photos of Kantar TNS training below.

- Kantar Millward Brown Training

Kantar Millward Brown is the world number one company as a pioneer in brand research. This company also owns registered professional research products and services. Rahbar Bazaar staff have been provided with the training; Kantar MB have visited Rahbar Bazaar several times and trained the company's senior staff.

Rahbar Bazaar Trainings

The next part of trainings is Rahbar Bazaar trainings in which the company holds courses for training its staff, clients’ staff (as they request it), and even those interested in marketing research.

- Internal Training of Rahbar Bazaar for Company’s Staff

To promote the quality of its services, Rahbar Bazaar has always had its staff training in top priority. There are two categories of trainings:
General trainings and trainings while conducting the project.
In general trainings, issues such as project management, crisis management, and risk management are provided as well as some more general trainings such as software courses, platforms and etc.

In project-related trainings, considering the project’s objectives, Rahbar Bazaar gathers the staff involved in the project in an appropriate educational place or in the company and trains them as you can see in the following photos.

- Training Clients’ Staff and Those Interested in Marketing Research

In this section, Rahbar Bazaar plans such training courses as the clients request for special topics and trains their selected staff in a certain time.