Desk Research

In the twentieth century, companies used to spend tremendous hours in libraries in order to access secondary data. In this century, thanks to the Internet, access to such data is much easier; however, the huge number of sources and the possibility of these data being unreliable make access to secondary data arduous as well. The exaggerated approach to confidentiality of secondary data in Iranian organizations is also another obstacle in the path of accessing to secondary data.

Desk research experts in Rahbar Bazaar are aware of up-to-date techniques, and with required official permissions, they are able to get the necessary information of businesses using desk research methods and searching virtual and physical sources.

The company’s clients of desk research:

  • NOVO Nordisk: a Danish multinational pharmaceutical company
  • Khoosheh Fars: a wheat starch and gluten producer
  • Huawei: a Chinese multinational networking, telecommunications equipment, and services company
  • MCI (Mobile Telecommunication of Iran): the first and largest mobile operator in Iran
  • Sütaş: a Turkish dairy products company
  • Noritazeh: a glassware Co.