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  • Alireza Iranmanesh

    “Unilever has a positive experience with Rahbar bazaar in different research projects, especially projects with time limitation. It is an action-oriented research agency with satisfactory standards.”

    Alireza Iranmanesh
    Consumer & Market Insight Manager, Unilever
  • Goldiran

    “After having 4 projects with Rahbar Bazaar and receiving 12 different quantitative and qualitative reports, I think the company’s strength point is delivering quality reports in a short time. Final reports were delivered exactly on predetermined dates. Providing appropriate guides for designing questionnaires, following up with us continuously, the ability to run qualitative as well as quantitative researches simultaneously, and offering most appropriate prices are other characteristics of Rahbar Bazaar. If they make a mistake, they compensate it; and they do their best to make us satisfied. On the whole, considering the time and price of projects, I will give them 8 out of 10 for their quality. However, from the quality point of view, presence of managers in the field might be useful during data gathering and Rahbar Bazaar can become a more trusted company in this way. Considering the company’s abilities, launching longitudinal studies such as measuring media indicators in TV advertisements or surveys like retail audit in Electronics field can expand company’s activities for providing better services for customers.”

    Shokoufeh Rousta
    Head of Marketing Research and Development, Goldiran
  • Testimonial Sony

    “We hereby certify that the consultation and support provided to our project’s executive team (for Sony’s mystery shopper research) in February 2013 under the management of Mr Afshin Vafadar was to our satisfaction.”

    Sanaz Koosha
    Marketing and Advertising Manager, Sony
  • Testimonial Ipsos

    "Rahbar Bazaar is a solution-oriented and efficient agency that always meets deadlines without sacrificing quality. It has been a pleasure working with them."

    Derya Bozkurt
    Head of InnoQuest, Ipsos Turkey
  • Testimonial-Abzarsara

    “We hereby would like to express our satisfaction of consultation and performance management of Mr. Afshin Vafadar in a project which its main focus was on product market in 2012.”

    Alireza Ramzgooyan
    Managing Director, Abzarsara
  • Testimonial Noritazeh

    “The respectable management of Rahbar Bazaar Marketing Research Co.; in regards to the precious services which your esteemed company has provided our company with (the household appliances project), we would like to express our satisfaction with your company’s performance for being responsive to our requests, committed to its responsibilities, and persistent in following up the work continuously. Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude towards your management as well as your experts for their hard efforts.”

    Noritazeh Glass Co. (Pvt)
  • Testimonial Rahpoo

    “At Rahpoo Co. our focus is on developing strategies for real estate investment for public and private companies. To develop coherent strategies, we tried to use other businesses’ practices in Iran’s real estate sector and therefore, heavily relied upon findings on market research and consumer priorities, which Mr. Afshin Vafadar (CEO of Rahbar Bazaar Marketing Research Company) and his team helped us to manage. They truly helped us to develop tailor-made proposals for Iran’s specific real estate industry. Along with his team, he analyzed all data collected, created a clear, simple and engaging story and went into action with our team to incorporate all data into practical strategies and present the results to our clients. It has been a pleasure to work with Mr. Afshin Vafadar and his team. They have the ability to be detail-oriented while being able to consider the bigger picture.”

    Ali Yavari
    CEO and Member of the Board, Rahpoo Co.
  • Testimonial Mano A Mano

    “Rahbar Bazaar team really tries to understand the purpose of the project from the beginning stage and to execute their fieldwork at their best. Our research design and methodologies are very complex and difficult; however, all related members of Rahbar Bazaar tried as much as possible to meet our requirements. Thanks to your determined efforts, we were able to discover new facts and insights about Iranian consumers. Oh! One more thing; your warm hospitality and caring, I do not forget.”

    Jinjoo Choi
    Human Explorer, MANO A MANO