Brand Study

Research on brand position is one of the most favored marketing research studies. Businesses are willing to know

What is the first brand that comes into the audience's mind? What brands are the audiences familiar with or have they used? What brands don’t they like? How’s the brand personality of your competitor pictured? And how royal are customers to main brands?

One of the repeated studies in Rahbar Bazaar is brand study. Rahbar Bazaar not only has its own style in brand study, but it also uses the specific knowledge of its business partners.

The company’s clients of brand study:

  • Bank Sepah: the first Iranian bank
  • Sütaş: a Turkish dairy products company
  • Unilever: a British-Dutch transnational consumer goods company
  • Sheypoor: an active startup in secondhand goods online shopping
  • Tejarat Bank: an Iranian bank
  • Fouman Chimie: an Iranian-based bitumen company
  • Nestlé: a Swiss transnational food and drink company
  • MCI (Mobile Telecommunication of Iran): the first and largest mobile operator in Iran
  • Persia Khodro: an Iranian multinational automaker
  • Margarine: the first producer of herbaceous oil in Iran