Team work: Cooperation among staff accompanied with synergism, intimacy and mutual respect to achieve a certain goal

  1. Respect: Recognition of competency, value and human rights of staff
  2. Intimacy: Mutual understanding of thoughts and feelings
  3. Synergism: Cooperation among staff, in a way that the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects


Value added: A value that leads to the flourish of the organization when it is promoted in people

  1. Growth & Learning: Continuous promotion of knowledge and relevant skills
  2. Sagacity: Being aware of the organization’s surroundings in line with reinforcing organizational decisions.
  3. Innovation: The use of new ideas resulting from creativity, leading to time or cost saving, or improvement in quality and efficiency.


Loyalty: Moral and emotional commitment to the organization.

  1. Commitment & Taking Responsibility: having trust and belief in organization’s values and goals, trying to achieve them and being accountable for the given tasks.
  2. Confidentiality: Keeping the organization’s secrets and information in a way that revealing them may jeopardize the company’s interests.
  3. Honesty: Being honest when speaking and righteous when behaving
  4. Interest in work: Positive attitude towards work, accompanied with happiness and enjoyment.