Brand Health Tracking studies is one of the most efficient methods of research which allows managers to track the progress of changes and consumption trend among the consumers over the time. Brand Health Tracking helps producers and service providers to gather information of important indicators such as: Awareness, Usage, Attitude and Ad Effectiveness and etc.. , which all are considered as famousness and popularity indicators of a brand.
Rahbar Bazaar is doing a quarterly survey cycle (four waves in a year) and CAPI data gathering method which gives brand owners a great opportunity to use its valuable information on their major marketing decisions.
Some key features of this tracking study at Rahbar Bazaar are as follows:
Updated: Done seasonally and the report is delivered within a month.
Quick access: The last updated report will be provided within less than two working days.
Cost Effective: Despite the high value of these information, the prices are not comparable with other available information in the market, such as Retail Audit or other similar studies.