During 13 years research services providing, there are lots of clients that served by our services, but we listed some of main local and Internationals in different industries.
We hereby would like to express our satisfaction of result oriented research that we had with Rahbar bazaar's Non-FMCG team.
Alireza Ramzgouyan:, CEO of Abzarsara
Attention: The respectable management of Rahbar Bazaar Marketing Research Co.NORITAZE In regards to the precious services which your esteemed company has provided our company with (the household appliances project), we would like to express our satisfaction with your company’s performance as being responsive to our requests, being committed to its responsibilities, and being persistent in following up the cases continuously. Consequently, we would like to express our gratitude towards your management as well as your experts for their hard efforts. Sincerely yours,
Noritazeh Glass Co. (Pvt.)
“Rahbar Bazaar team is really trying to understand the purpose of project from the beginning stage and to execute their fieldwork in their best. Our research design and methodologies are very complex and difficult, however all related members of Rahbar Bazaar is trying as much as possible to meet our requirements. Thanks to your aggressive efforts, we were able to discover new facts and insights about Iranian consumer. Oh, one more thing, your warm hospitality and caring, I do not forget.”
Jinjoo Choi, Human Explorer, MANO A MANO
At RahpooCo. our focus is to develop strategies for real estate investment, public and private companies. To develop sound strategies, we tried to use other businesses practices into real estate sector for Iran and therefore, were heavily relied upon market research findings and consumer priorities, which Mr. Afshin Vafadar (CEO of RahbarBazaar Marketing Research Company) and his team helped us to manage. They truly helped us to develop tailor-made proposals for Iran unique real estate industry. Along with his team, he analyzed all data collected, created a clear, simple and engaging story and then hit the road with our team to present findings and incorporate all data into practical strategies for our clients. Mr. Afshin Vafadar and his team have been a pleasure to work with and have the ability to be detail oriented while being able to think bigger picture.
Ali Yavari, MBA, Chief Executive Officer, Rahpoo Co
Rahbar Bazaar is a solution-oriented and efficient agency that always meets deadlines without sacrificing quality. It has been a pleasure working with them”                             
Derya Bozkurt, Director/Impact Partner, Ipsos Turkey