Product Research & Product Test

As a result of ethnic diversity and cultural and regional differences in Iran, consumer acceptance of products meaningfully differs in different areas of the country. This challenge always leads product or marketing managers to seek answers for following questions:

Who is the main audience of the product? Which segments don’t like it? Which features are more demanding? And what are the effective factors behind choosing a product by the audience? What are the product’s/brand’s strengths and weaknesses compared to competitors’?

The company’s clients of product research:

  • Hayat Kimya: a Turkish FMCG company
  • Kalleh: an Iranian dairy, food and drink company

The company’s clients of concept test:

  • Henkel: a German chemical and consumer goods company
  • Bosch: a German multinational engineering and electronics company
  • Unilever: a British-Dutch transnational consumer goods company
  • Snapp: the first and largest online ride-hailing company in Iran

The company’s clients of mystery shopping:

  • MCI (Mobile Telecommunication of Iran): the first and largest mobile operator in Iran
  • Iran Hyperstar (Iranian subsidiary of French multinational retailer Carrefour): the largest retail chain store