Qualitative Methods

Qualitative research accounts for 15% of the global market research in comparison with quantitative research representing 71% of the total worldwide research spend (14% is the share of other market research methods) (Global Market Research 2017, An ESOMAR Industry Report). In Rahbar Bazaar, this proportion is roughly 30% and 70% respectively, which indicates the high performance of Rahbar Bazaar’s qualitative research team and altering the global proportion.

The clients’ trust in analyses given by the company’s qualitative department and their frequent requests for qualitative projects have enabled the team to do a considerable number of qualitative research projects annually, while meeting and maintaining the international quality standards. Conducting more than 150 Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), 118 In-Home Visits (IHVs), 118 In-Depth Interviews (IDIs), and 20 Shop Along in 2017 proves the team’s capabilities.

Rahbar Bazaar Qualitative Methods:

  • Focus Group Discussion (FGD)
  • Mini Group Discussion (MGD)
  • In-Home Visit (IHV)
  • In-Depth Interview (IDI)
  • In-Paired Interview (IPI)
  • Shop Along Research
  • Ethnographic Research