Privacy Policy

Rahbar Bazaar Privacy Policy

It is our commitment in Rahbar Bazaar to respect your privacy. By visiting our website and entering your information in the membership forms, subscription request, news, contact us, and join us (careers), you take a step in mutual information transfer.

Our commitment about preserving your privacy includes the following:

  • The information you share with us through filling in different forms, will not be shared with any third party or company.
  • The information received from you for participating in surveys will be used as a group and in general form with other people’s information only for statistical research purposes and people’s personal information will not be used individually. Hence, your private information will be preserved.
  • Your IP address and cookies will not be used except in common analytics tools such as Google Analytics and some of common marketing and website analysis tools. If we decide to use your cookie for marketing purposes, you will be informed through the website and you are authorized to accept or reject this.
  • Your email addresses are necessary for later contacts from Rahbar Bazaar with you. But, whenever you decide, you can cancel your subscription from our email database with the option to unsubscribe at the end of the email.
  • Based on the information that you share with us, you will be invited to participate in research and statistical programs. You will receive gifts for spending time in such programs. If you are not willing to attend such programs, we will stop contacting you after your announcement of dissatisfaction.
  • Please read the rules before entering any information. If you agree with them, select the check mark.
  • In case Rahbar Bazaar website contains links to other websites, that follow rules other than what was mentioned here, Rahbar Bazaar will only follow the rules mentioned in Rahbar Bazaar website and bears no responsibility about other rules. It means Rahbar Bazaar is only responsible for its own rules.
  • In case Rahbar Bazaar and all its properties go under the ownership of a third party or in case of the company’s merge or takeover, the information that Rahbar Bazaar has gathered from its users and audiences will be transferred as a part of the company’s asset.
  • Rahbar Bazaar bears no responsibility regarding the misuse of its website’s content that is totally following IRI laws. Any misuse regarding our contents is the offender’s responsibility.
  • Despite Rahbar Bazaar’s commitment to share the comments of its audiences, any opinion that is against the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, or containing inappropriate words and insulting the opinions of individuals and legal persons, will not be published in the comments section of Rahbar Bazaar’s blog.
  • If privacy policy of Rahbar Bazaar’s website undergo any change in future, it will be announced in the website or via Email.
  • In special occasions and due to any judicial, legal, governmental or political order, or to preserve your safety and ours, Rahbar Bazaar (like other companies) is obliged to share its contacts with authorized legal sources.
  • This website is not designed for the use of -18 year-olds and we do not collect any information from these people. To contact us or participating in statistical and research projects, they can do it through their parents or legal custodian.
  • In case you decided to delete your information (Email, address, etc.) from our database, you can submit your application to If you have any question or comment, you can share it with us through the same Email.