Our Own Solutions

Online/Offline platforms

Quantitative interview is one of the most common marketing research methods, which is usually done by questionnaires. The interviews used to be done by Pencil & Paper in the past; however, scripting technology and digital tools such as tablets and smartphones in the digital era have helped marketing research companies to reduce their costs and save their time.

Based on the company’s long experience of using foreign platforms, which as a result of sanction and such obstacles has been along with challenges, the company’s scripting and programming team decided to take a step forward to make the company independent; the team is designing and providing a comprehensive platform, called Poller, as a means of providing customized interview forms. The beta-version of the platform is available now and after doing more research and examinations by the company’s technical and marketing research experts can be presented in the next phase of the project.

Retail Audit

Distribution channels, especially retailers, are the lifeline for dispensing both imports and manufactured goods to consumers. In relatively traditional markets such as Iran’s, in which more than 80% of the consumer goods are distributed by traditional retailers, e.g. grocery stores, distribution channels are of great importance compared with other countries’.

In view of its previous experiences and repeated requests from its customers, Rahbar Bazaar marketing research company has recently provided a proprietary software, called Retail Vision. This software can be used to implement proprietary panels for sellers. Also, team building and launching proprietary projects for retailers are possible for brands providing consumer products. In Retail Audit the following output indicators are calculated and audited:

Market Size Indicators

Sales Level:

  • Sales volume
  • Volume share
  • Purchase volume
  • Purchase share
  • Value sales (Tomans)
  • Value share
  • Share in purchase handling

Price Indicator:

  • Average Retail Sales Price (RSP)

Distribution Quality Indicators

Stock Level:

  • Numeric & weighted distribution of handling the goods
  • Numeric & weighted distribution of the stock
  • Numeric & weighted OOS %
  • Cost of OOS
  • Stock cover during days
  • Share of shelf
  • Stock count

Retail Vision’s Features:

  • - Bar code scan
  • - Voice & video play, and photo display
  • - Video & voice record, and photo taking
  • - Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • - Access definition for different users
  • - Online/offline performance
  • - Installability on different mobiles and tablets
  • - Smart alert and notification system in case of meaningful differences in recorded statistics of sales, or the stock's period compared to the previous one

Call Center

Due to high quality and speed, Telephone Interviewing and VOIP Technology are of most commonly used interviewing methods. With 40 phone stations and the capability for completing approximately one thousand questionnaires a day, Rahbar Bazaar’s call center is one of the busiest working units of the company. It is possible to call randomly and manually by using the call center’s proprietary software. In addition, all conversations between interviewers and interviewees are recorded.

Features of Rahbar Bazaar's call center:

  • Random and manual dialing
  • Recording conversations
  • Conversation quality control by related supervisors listening on conversations without announcing to interviewers
  • Using previous phone numbers from the database or recording new phone numbers
  • A dashboard for reporting daily performance of operators

Proprietary Product Listing Software

This software is designed for collecting detailed information and can be used for various products. Its features are as follows:

  • Bar code Scanning and Recording;
  • Data Registration Forms for recording information such as manufacturing country, company, brand, sub-brand, weight, volume, price, and etc.;
  • Smart Recognition of different products with a unique bar code;
  • Recognition of different products with different bar codes;
  • Photo taking, Voice and Video Recording;
  • Online/Offline performance.