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Large budgets are spent on advertising. But the question is how can you be sure that the advertisement is proper for brand? How can you maximize ROI in your campaigns?

Link™ is designed for measuring efficiency and optimizing advertisements. This solution can be used for all types of advertisements in the media, especially TV; and can provide comparisons with countrywide norms for benchmarking. You can specify the weaknesses and strengths of your advertisement and make sure that your advertisement is the most efficient one.

The purpose behind designing Link™ is to assess the advertisement from three key aspects:

  1. Is the advertisement so related to the audience that can lead him/her to interact with the brand? (Creativity and attraction of the advertisement lead the audience to interact with the brand.)
  2. Can the advertisement associate with the brand? (the advertisement associating with the brand is successful in communicating the brand message)
  3. Can the brand association make the audience react in key decision-making moments? (To achieve this, the advertisement should contain absorbing and attractive messages.)

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NeedScope is a model created by Kantar TNS. Using a NeedScope database of over 2,000 brands, Kantar TNS has managed to identify eight drivers of irresistible brands. Emotion lies at the heart; however, it can’t operate in isolation from the other drivers. Symbolism, nexus, differentiation, alignment and others have parts in irresistible brand’s success as well. No brand can hope to be irresistible without understanding and managing emotion, but it is no easy matter. Emotion is what makes us human and is fundamental to how we operate. However, it sits beneath the surface and speaks its own language. NeedScope helps brands manage emotion.

Layers of needs and brand image can be recognized in the brand relationship model with emotion at the core drivers of brand choice. All layers are important but it is emotion that provides an irresistible magic. Unravelling the consumer relationship, this way ensures you manage every layer of your brand, as well as the linkage between the layers.

NeedScope model is based on universal human emotions that are applied across different categories, geographies and cultures. Tailored to your category, this helps you navigate emotion and provides a common language and framework for understanding needs and building brands. It can define six emotive needs in terms of feelings or personality aspirations.

NeedScope research in your category will determine if one or another is a stronger driver in your market, and this will guide you in building emotion into your brand.

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Connected Life

Connected Life is Kantar TNS's annual study of online behaviour across the world.

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