About US

Rahbar Bazaar, an independent & private company, began its activities to provide marketing research and consultation services to different brands in different industries since 2003. Rahbar Bazaar has been an official member of ESOMAR since 2008, and one of the high ranked research companies by "Statistical Organization Center of IRAN" and also newly achieved marketing research standard certification "20252". Our team consist of 60 full time, motivated and team worker employees, who have deep insight on the market and are goal oriented.
Main Point:
- A 1000 sqm private office in a good location in business area of Tehran .
- Providing full research services for major local global brands such as: MCI, Butane, Henkel, Unilever, Hayat and so many others... .
- Good International relations and cooperating with leaders of global marketing research agencies such as: Kantar, TNS, GFK, IPSOS and some others in the region.
- All management board members of Rahbar Bazaar are executive director inside the company.


Affiliation agreement with Kantar
Kantar has signed an affiliation agreement with Rahbar Bazaar Market Research Institute in Iran, giving the global insights network a foothold in the Iranian market.

Onlinesurvey (Poller)

Onlinesurvey.ir a Iranian Persian language portal for online survey stablished by Rahbar Bazaar Marketing Research Co. Online survey can help businesses and organizations make better decisions and put their goals forward. Respondents are considered as valuable sources of such information; in return they will be appreciated by various surprising gifts.


Professional system of recruiting the people related to marketing research is created by Rahbar Bazaar marketing research Co. as a part of its responsibility to develop job market. So, our website www.hamyab.com is designed to hire, train and recruit qualified labor force.


RBHT : Through conducting periodical study about“Brand Health Tracking” of consuming products, Rahbar Bazaar Co. is trying to create a proper image about the situation of brands competition among different products in the minds of their main targets. It also helps take a step forward clarifying the decision-making path for marketing planning.